From Bullion to Freedom

The Legacy of Gold Silver Pros

Throughout my journey with precious metals, I've gained extensive insights into the nature of money. Over time, various forms of currency have been tested, most resulting in failure due to war, famine, economic collapse, or their inherent inadequacies. Without exception, other types of fiat money issued by governments have proven unsuccessful. History unequivocally demonstrates this truth, regardless of era, culture, or location.

Having delved into countless books, articles, and whitepapers on economic and monetary history – including those linking money to contemporary culture and political systems – I've reached an unwavering conclusion: only gold and silver safeguard the wealth of honest individuals over time. Nothing else I've studied comes close.

Moreover, I am convinced that the principles underpinning gold and silver as currency are the same principles that foster genuine cultural and political freedoms for the people. Conversely, other forms of fiat money pave the path to serfdom, concentrating power among a select group of bureaucrats or wealthy oligarchs who show little commitment to safeguarding the rights of the majority.

This conviction fuels my creation of media content, dedicated to discussing the enduring values encapsulated in these time-tested metals. With immense enthusiasm, I announce the establishment of Gold Silver Pros' own gold and silver store. The store's mission is to offer you an unparalleled selection of top-quality precious metals bullion and jewelry. These items embody the finest, long-lasting stores of value for the hard-earned labor you invest, countering the corrosive impact of inflation caused by fiat money.

We deeply appreciate your support for our research and educational endeavors at Gold Silver Pros. We trust that this new venture will enrich your life and that of your family, providing enduring beauty and value for generations.

Robert Kientz | Gold Silver Pros

Over twenty years of investment experience in the bond, stock, real estate, commodities, Forex, and precious metals markets. I emphasize long-term, cycle investing in the precious metals markets. My research and weekly educative videos on YouTube focus on:  Precious Metals Analysis, Economic Forecasts and Macroeconomics.

I advocate for sound money. Precious metals can help you safeguard your wealth, attain financial freedom, and offer intrinsic value.
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